We focus on a few industries to help you with the proper knowledge

Construction & Procurement

 We work on international construction projects of power producing plants; industrial and chemical plants; commercial properties; logistic and warehouse projects;
and leisure and hotels.

We have deep experience and understanding of technical, commercial and business aspects of the international construction industry as well as the international standard practices.

International Commerce

We assist companies in their international commerce business providing legal assistance to Italian companies in their commercial relationships with foreign partners or in connection with disputes (for Italian or foreign clients). 

Whether you need to penetrate new markest or protect your rights in international commerce we have the right experience.


Whether your company is involved in fossil-fuel or renewable source power generation or in trading of energy our full knowledge and expertise in the energy industry is at your disposal.

The energy industry is fast growing and always evolving so you need proper counsel.

Real Estate

Whether you need to sale or purchase commercial properties, logistic and warehouse assets, leisure or hotels buildings, we have the proper knowledge of the market and the right experience.

We make any transaction simple for the easy and smooth completion thanks to our detailed knowledged of the legislation and of the standard practices.

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